Impro for Leadership

The ability to authentically know yourself, engage, collaborate, take risks, motivate others, be spontaneous, and effectively deliver a story, idea, or presentation are leadership skills that can be sharpened through improvisational training. This course applies the theoretical principles and related practices of improvisational theatre to enhance the skills needed for leadership, communication, and for being fully present in relationships with self and others.  I developed and facilitate this course each year for graduate students in the Leadership Development Program at Chapman University.  It is a 4-week, 12-hour per week course, with each week moving into a different area of focus; however, this course can be adapted for a half-day intensive or 2-day retreat by selecting from one or two of the following areas of focus: (1) Creating a Safe Space Not to Play It Safe; (2) Making Connections & Developing Social Awareness; (3) Communicating Expressively; (4) Becoming an Affiliative Leader