Favorite Links

Here are links to the websites & blogs of my family, closest friends, and esteemed colleagues:

My husband, DALE DUDECK, is my favorite photographer, of course!  Based in SoCal, he shoots live performances, corporate events, portraits, products, etc.  Check out his excellent work:  http://www.dale.photography/

My sister, ALICIA ROBBINS, is a Los Angeles-based director of photography, camera operator, & director.  Her website is wonderful:  http://www.aliciarobbins.com/   And she has a blog, too:  http://aliciarobbins.wordpress.com/

DAVID C. SMITH (Director of Photography; Owner of Driving Plates): My brother-in-law! And an L.A.-based cinematographer and owner of Driving Plates, a hugely successful and innovative driving plate production company: http://drivingplates.com/http://davidcsmithdp.com/

My friend, STEVE KAPLAN, teaches comedy writing all over the world.  He’s the best!  I’ve taken two of his awesome intensives in Los Angeles.  His book – The Hidden Tools of Comedy: The Serious Business of Being Funny – is a must buy for comedy writers:  http://kaplancomedy.com/

KEITH JOHNSTONE WORKSHOPS: http://www.keithjohnstone.com/

My mom, MARY LYNNE ROBBINS, is a musical and visual artist.  Many of her paintings adorn the walls of our home!  Her work “Nature’s Playground” was recently selected for the cover of the book Readings in Performance and Ecology (2012).  On her blog, she shares her work & process:  http://marylynnerobbins.wordpress.com/

DAVID B. SCHWARTZ (Creator of MELTDOWN and IDOLIZED comic book series):  http://davidbschwartz-comicbookwriter.blogspot.com/

SKIP MILOS (Digital photography & digital multimedia): http://www.smpphotography.com/

CHRISTOPHE FELZINES (French Naturopath based in London): http://www.naturopathinlondon.com/