Busy Year!


Photo by Dale Dudeck

This year, Chapman University has kept me extremely busy and my blogging time has been compromised.  So, I thought it might be nice to share a few items that point to my work and to the things I’ve been up to in 2014-2015:

  • The first item is an essay written by me for Bloomsbury’s Actors & Performers site: 10 Tips from the Master of Impro
  • The second is from Stanford University Libraries announcing the acquisition of the “Keith Johnstone Papers.”  For 2-1/2 years, I had worked with Keith in Calgary unearthing, preserving, documenting & organizing his personal archive.  Then, per Keith’s wishes, I secured a permanent home for his documents and papers at Stanford.  Last summer we packed and sent off the first shipment!  It was an exciting moment: Archives Acquires Keith Johnstone Papers
  • Third, an AIN (Applied Improvisation Network) podcast launching their “Book Club” conversations.  Yes!  They choose my book to launch the series!  It’s an insightful, interesting, well-moderated conversation: AIN Book Club Podcast Keith Johnstone: A Critical Biography
  • Next up, a blog post for Chapman University written by Almas Shewa, a M.A. student in Leadership Development who took my Impro for Leadership Interterm course and decided to write about her experience!  Fun reading along with a crazy photo of the class: Zip Zap Boingee…A Masters Impro Class
  • Finally, the photo on the left-hand side is from the lecture/presentation I gave on Applied Improvisation for Chapman University’s Town & Gown philanthropic organization.  It was a blast!  At one point, I had 4 of my impro students demonstrate some simple exercises and then we had all 170 audience members play “Yes, and…!” I also gave the audience impro homework, that is, things to try that would help them become a better improviser on the stage of their life!